Airbnb Host Insists a Guest Cancel without Notice

Our host cancelled our reservation the morning we arrived because we were early. I contacted him over the phone (which was on the reservation). We have had issues to get on the wifi so communication was limited at some point before. He was very angry that I got in touch to see if we could check in earlier. I offered compensation and my apologies. He was okay and told me he was letting me in the house with a key code.

As soon as we got in, he called me on WhatsApp to say he was not going to host us and was going to cancel our booking. He told me to tell Airbnb so they could get me a new place. Now he is not cancelling officially on the Airbnb site and I have emailed him, so I can get my full refund. I believe he is waiting for me to cancel, to get some money. This is not fair as he decided not to host us today, when we were due to check in. He is leaving us with no place to stay and taking part of our money. I am starting to think this guy does this all the time.

I reported this to Airbnb a few hours later. I messaged him straight away after he cancelled. I have politely requested him to cancel my stay but now he is not answering my messages. As for Airbnb, they haven’t done anything either; they should step in and refund me. I have made sure I requested this in writing within the time frame, and it was the host who decided to cancel. I’m still waiting, short on cash and with nowhere to stay.

Airbnb steals guests money based on hosts fake evidence

I booked a room via Airbnb for 3 nights at 16 Fairfield Road, BS6 5JP in Bristol, UK. Olivia is the host. I checked out on 1st May at 11 am. I asked Olivia if I can leave my luggage in her flat and pick it up in the evening. She said this is OK. I returned at 7pm in the same day, picked up my luggage and left the key. No issues at all were raised by the host. Two days later, on 3rd May and after I had left her a positive online review in the previous night, she emailed me complaining she found a stain in the duvet. She said she didn’t see a stain when she made the bed after I checked out and that she only noticed it two days later. She took a picture then, 2 days after my departure, and said this is the evidence! She claimed £60 ($90). I replied her I have not left any stain and that it was her responsibility to report anything on the day of my departure. Airbnb charged my card without asking my view!! This is against their own terms & conditions. Airbnb policy says they also ask the guest and wait for a response for 48h. I never authorized a card payment, neither Airbnb consulted me. They also haven’t provided me with the photos. I have emailed Airbnb many times asking for the photos and why they breached their terms & conditions. They don’t reply me. Airbnb steals guests money, don’t value their opinion and provide no safety net at all. I will never use Airbnb again. Anyone wanting more details, please contact me via Twitter: @Ilias_Energia