Airbnb Host Insists a Guest Cancel without Notice

Our host cancelled our reservation the morning we arrived because we were early. I contacted him over the phone (which was on the reservation). We have had issues to get on the wifi so communication was limited at some point before. He was very angry that I got in touch to see if we could check in earlier. I offered compensation and my apologies. He was okay and told me he was letting me in the house with a key code.

As soon as we got in, he called me on WhatsApp to say he was not going to host us and was going to cancel our booking. He told me to tell Airbnb so they could get me a new place. Now he is not cancelling officially on the Airbnb site and I have emailed him, so I can get my full refund. I believe he is waiting for me to cancel, to get some money. This is not fair as he decided not to host us today, when we were due to check in. He is leaving us with no place to stay and taking part of our money. I am starting to think this guy does this all the time.

I reported this to Airbnb a few hours later. I messaged him straight away after he cancelled. I have politely requested him to cancel my stay but now he is not answering my messages. As for Airbnb, they haven’t done anything either; they should step in and refund me. I have made sure I requested this in writing within the time frame, and it was the host who decided to cancel. I’m still waiting, short on cash and with nowhere to stay.

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  1. I recently read a HOST story asking if she was correct in cancelling a reservation of a guest who showed up several hours before check-in and accessed her home by using the door entry code provided in the host via Airbnb correspondence. The prior guest left early so the room was vacant but not cleaned. The new guest was unhappy the room wasn’t cleaned and was rude/aggressive to the host. The host was unhappy to find an unexpected guest in her home. The host contacted Airbnb & cancelled because the guest violated the house rule check-in time.

    These stories are too similar.

    I don’t know where you were traveling but if it was in the USA where every McDonalds & Starbucks offers free wi-fi so it is easily available.

  2. Airbnb has a history of not acting quickly to support existing reservations.
    However, you shouldn’t have asked to check in early on checkin day. That’s not fair and is extremely frustrating for the host. If you wanted to check in early, you should have asked prior to making the booking.

    • more reason to just get a real hotel room. If you show up early, they can usually accomodate you. If they cant, they just have you come back later. They dont take it personally, have a fit and cancel the whole reservation while taking your money. that sounds ludicrous.

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