Sick of Airbnb Deleting Negative Reviews

Airbnb is so afraid of losing revenue that it is, as others have noted, deleting negative reviews. I stayed in an Airbnb in Atlanta that operated more as a rooming house and had a refrigerator full of old food that smelled so bad I would run in the kitchen to microwave coffee and then run back out.

In my review, I talked about the neighborhood (fine), the room (also fine), the other guests (fine), and the gross smell emanating from the kitchen (not fine). Then I learned that Airbnb took down the review because it didn’t meet their “Content Guidelines”.

Does it get any more absurd than that? The reason I had this awful experience is because Airbnb is censoring reviews that might have alerted me to the situation. They don’t care if you walk into filth. They just want to keep their numbers up. I’m really getting sick of dealing with this company.

Airbnb thinks a crappy appartment is suitable for rent


We arrived in Roma at the beginning of August after renting an Airbnb apartment called “Slice of Heaven” ( The apartment was so crappy that we made the decision not to stay. We took pictures of the main defects, stopped the leaking air conditioning and left. We left because: – The air conditioning was not working properly. The host explained that it was due to the extreme heat. As a consequence it was dribbling and two cups were put on the floor to receive the leaks. We were asked to make sure that these recipients stay on the floor to avoid damages. – The walls were damaged on several places, not only due to previous dribbling of the air conditioning, but also caused by previous patches of painting on many parts of the walls and the ceiling. – The ceiling of the bathroom and of the master bedroom had obvious traces of moisture. – There were oil spots on the floor of the terrace. – The speakers shown on the Airbnb website pictures did not work. When we asked the host about them, he told us that they were broken and that he should get rid of them. When asked to review the case, Airbnb told us that we were wrong to leave, and made us pay for one night. After I insisted, they refunded us entirely with Airbnb coupons. Airbnb thus thinks that an apartment with moisture and leaking air-conditioning is suitable for rent. More generally, once a reservation based on the nice Airbnb pictures is done, there is nothing guests can do, even if the pictures are a fraud. The pictures we took in the appartment and the pictures advertised on Airbnb website have nothing in common. We wrote a very negative comment to the host. After one week, the comment had disappeared because Airbnb removed it. It is clear that Airbnb does not care about what kind of apartment guests are actually renting.



blank First of all- the loft he rents has potential to be a nice place but is so clearly not fit for airbnb guests. The parking lot is controlled by valet, there is so much traffic congestion in this area that if your not familiar you get stuck waiting 10 minutes before getting past everyone waiting to be parked, they were always seem annoyed and rude. He is definitely renting his apartment out under uncomfortable circumstances because the neighbors and valets glare at you with disgust, they obviously don’t want you there, this makes for an unsettling stay. The building has restaurants under the loft level and the entire place reeks of asian food alllllllll the time, it was nice at first but nauseating 10 minutes in. His furniture is disgusting (tacky and the pull out sofa has stains and crumbs all over it), towels are dirty and old, no privacy (you can hear everything through the walls, including a really loud fan on the roof that runs all night and makes everything shake) I left a huge detailed review and AIRBNB DELETED IT!!!! This was the worst allocation of vacation money I have ever spent, next time I’ll just stay at Holiday Inn, lesson learned.