Sick of Airbnb Deleting Negative Reviews

Airbnb is so afraid of losing revenue that it is, as others have noted, deleting negative reviews. I stayed in an Airbnb in Atlanta that operated more as a rooming house and had a refrigerator full of old food that smelled so bad I would run in the kitchen to microwave coffee and then run back out.

In my review, I talked about the neighborhood (fine), the room (also fine), the other guests (fine), and the gross smell emanating from the kitchen (not fine). Then I learned that Airbnb took down the review because it didn’t meet their “Content Guidelines”.

Does it get any more absurd than that? The reason I had this awful experience is because Airbnb is censoring reviews that might have alerted me to the situation. They don’t care if you walk into filth. They just want to keep their numbers up. I’m really getting sick of dealing with this company.

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  1. Can a Guest please give us an example of an honest review that listed both Pros and Cons that was accepted for posting? Is this a moving target? Or if a Guest actually took the time to study the AirBnB “Content Guidelines,” or “Terms of Service,” could we actually write honest reviews that would be helpful for other Guests? Having whitewashed reviews is not a respectable way to build a customer base who trusts AirBnB.

  2. As a host it’s very unlikely that your review was just removed, it had to clearly violate airbnb’s terms of service. I have tried to get reviews removed when we had a guest review us that never stayed at the property, they were upset that we required there additional guests to be registered in verified even though they agreed to it in the booking rolls. To this day I still cannot get there one star removed even though they made a review on a property they never arrived to which is an inaccurate and false review

  3. Just don’t use Airbnb!!! Its that simple.

    Yes they take down bad reviews. Yes they allow good fake reviews. The Company is unregistered and relies on greedy householders to rent out their properties cheaper than registered accommodation. The Company also relies on greedy people who want a cheaper deal than registered accommodation ….

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