Host Slanders us on Airbnb Reviews


One stop over in Mirimar Beach in a two-bedroom loft condo – an excellent place until bed time! We got into the bed and it sagged beyond belief. We lifted the sheets back to see what problem was and took off the mattress protector to find one of the biggest stains we have ever seen on a bed; even the sides of the bed were heavily stained. The sleeper sofa was broken so each of us had to sleep on a sofa; as a result, we hardly got any sleep. Because we had to check out and get on the road it was not possible to contact Airbnb, but we did message the host about how we left the place… he expected us to have his towels cleaned and dried before the 10:00 AM check out time and would charge us $25 for each towel damaged! He didn’t reply, so we left the towels in the dryer so they would at least be dry.

When we got to our next destination, I wrote my review and was very honest about how great the condo had been presented but there was an issue with the bed and screen door; there were no nasty details on the public review. I then sent the host a message saying maybe he needed to get that mattress replaced ASAP. Nothing happened, so we decided to get in touch with Airbnb about wanting some compensation for a couple of bad nights. The other bed was amazing so this wasn’t being greedy. They said they’d look into it.

We woke up the next day to see this mug of a host slander us in the review – red flag to a bull – and got straight onto Airbnb with a live chat and demanded full payment back AND to get his comment removed he sent photos of the stains to prove they were NOT fresh stains! Because it was past the 24-hour mark, we only got a partial refund as we should have contacted someone – a bit difficult at 1:00 AM – and then gone out of range to talk for a day. But they did their best. Although his comment is still on my profile I have since replied to it. Stay the hell away from this nasty piece of trash he is in it for the money and to get more from us through his comments! This guy lives in Arizona and this place is on the coast down in Florida. Please stay away from this host or you are going to get ripped off!


Ripped off in Rome


The apartment was nice but unfortunately I was ripped off. The problem was, my girlfriend and I booked the room for 3 days in Rome through airbnb on my phone but I don’t know why it showed that we booked for 2 day and 1 person and charged me 97 euros. I could cancelled it and rebook again but I texted him I made mistake and I’m willing to pay for one extra day on my arrival. He replied it’s okay. When we got to his apartment he calculated and asked me to pay 3×45 euros and 1×45 for my extra night 180 euros in total plus I paid 97 euros paid on-line already. I told him that was way too much as if I had cancelled and rebooked it again we could pay only 145€ for 3 nights. Also the price for one or two people I checked on airbnb is the same. As you pay for the room not the person. Without doubt it was my mistake but I thought he will be honest with me. We arrived to Rome late it was about 1 in the morning so we were tired. We ended up paying 257 euros for three nights in his apartment. After this I complained to airbnb and put a bad feedback about him on his airbnb but unfortunately airbnb didn’t show my review. So I can’t trust airbnb.

Airbnb offers refund without proper review or investigation

Guests book property for 28 days but after checking in contact Airbnb and say they are not happy, complain about lack of mobile phone coverage, dryer not working, place unclean, etc. etc. then say it is a hazardous environment because guest is six months pregnant and has allergies. They send pictures of a cobweb behind a dresser and a dirty shade in a loft used for storage and other macro pictures that show a spot as proof of lack of cleanliness.

Property was professionally house cleaned. I offer to send housekeeper back to property but guests so far have refused to contact her.

Airbnb says they are entitled to immediate refund and offer to find guests another Airbnb listing in the area. While searching guests remain in property for a week (and are still there).

Airbnb informs me that guests only have to pay for days that they have stayed at property which are substantially reduced based on the monthly booking.

Unable to make any future plans because I do not know when they will leave but expect to be severely out of pocket because of last minute cancellation.

Have tried to contact Airbnb on numerous occasions to discuss the situation. I have also sent detailed emails but case officer rarely responds and when she does offers a very brief response that is not helpful. When I speak with representatives they assure me that everything will be okay but refuse to document it and refuse to provide me with their full names or contact information. Its absolutely hopeless.

From this experience it is obvious to me that Airbnb does not care at all, they continue to make money (for doing nothing) while I am left out of pocket. Very bad experience which I will not repeat. Beware, policies on website are not followed any booking can easily be cancelled which will leave you out of pocket.

Host cancellation – Family out of luck

So… Here’s the thing. I searched for a holiday property on airbnb and found what we thought to be a great property. One week in August by the sea. Although the host had 0 reviews we were not suspicious as they had only been a member for a few months. So far so good.. Messages start to arrive, we have been pre-approved ( what does that mean ? ) confirm the booking quickly before it expires ?? A few more checks on the small print… everything seems fine , confirm the booking, pay the full amount. All happy, family happy , confirm the dates with work and make the other necessary preparations. ( travel arrangements for all the family )

48 hours go by , I have established direct contact with the host and then…… “ message from host “ Really sorry but I gave the property to a local estate agent and they have just told me that they have a rental for the whole month so.. sorry, but your rental of a week is now cancelled.

Nothing that airbnb can do , host cancelled therefore so is your holiday. Standard aibnb .. we can help you look for another property with a 20% increase. Their offers were not comparable to the original property ( why wouldn’t I have chosen them in the first place ? ) so it’s a refund.

Can I leave feed back , (to warn other potential renters that this host is totally UNRELIABLE ) … No. you can’t leave negative feedback on AirBnB unless you stay at a property, so there is no other way for us to warn people about this on their site.

The only thing that now appears on the hosts page.. ( if you click on reviews ) is The reservation was canceled 28 days before arrival. This is an automated posting

Why do airBnB not make it clear that it was the HOST that cancelled and why. I would probably have stayed clear of this property if I had known.

To airBnB’s credit, they did refund the whole rental amount very quickly and also compensated us for ancillaries that we would have forfeited ( transport to a place that we no longer could go to because our holiday rental had been cancelled ) because they cannot be used if we don’t have the property.

Beware …. You and your family can spend a fortune on tickets and suffer disappointment in your holiday being cancelled.

You have been warned !!