Host Slanders us on Airbnb Reviews


One stop over in Mirimar Beach in a two-bedroom loft condo – an excellent place until bed time! We got into the bed and it sagged beyond belief. We lifted the sheets back to see what problem was and took off the mattress protector to find one of the biggest stains we have ever seen on a bed; even the sides of the bed were heavily stained. The sleeper sofa was broken so each of us had to sleep on a sofa; as a result, we hardly got any sleep. Because we had to check out and get on the road it was not possible to contact Airbnb, but we did message the host about how we left the place… he expected us to have his towels cleaned and dried before the 10:00 AM check out time and would charge us $25 for each towel damaged! He didn’t reply, so we left the towels in the dryer so they would at least be dry.

When we got to our next destination, I wrote my review and was very honest about how great the condo had been presented but there was an issue with the bed and screen door; there were no nasty details on the public review. I then sent the host a message saying maybe he needed to get that mattress replaced ASAP. Nothing happened, so we decided to get in touch with Airbnb about wanting some compensation for a couple of bad nights. The other bed was amazing so this wasn’t being greedy. They said they’d look into it.

We woke up the next day to see this mug of a host slander us in the review – red flag to a bull – and got straight onto Airbnb with a live chat and demanded full payment back AND to get his comment removed he sent photos of the stains to prove they were NOT fresh stains! Because it was past the 24-hour mark, we only got a partial refund as we should have contacted someone – a bit difficult at 1:00 AM – and then gone out of range to talk for a day. But they did their best. Although his comment is still on my profile I have since replied to it. Stay the hell away from this nasty piece of trash he is in it for the money and to get more from us through his comments! This guy lives in Arizona and this place is on the coast down in Florida. Please stay away from this host or you are going to get ripped off!

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  1. I had a similar incident except my host blatantly
    lied. on the 2nd day i told him i was leaving because the “apt“ was just 2 bedrooms and a bathroom connected by an outdoor screened in patio. This was in Florida in August. And then i found a camera pointing into the patio so every time i went to the bathroom from the bed room he could see me. His review just said “She’s dishonest and will not rent to her again.” I did not slander him in my review, just pointed out the reason I left.
    i’ve tried to contact air bnb repeatedly but they keep sending me to chat where no one gets back to me. They did refund my $ for the days i didn’t stay. But that was only after 7 phone calls

  2. I hate that when you leave an honest review about a place, Airbnb allows that host to come back with a libelous response.

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