Stolen Money

That’s my first time experience with Airbnb and it’s current (sorry for my english). I tried to use Airbnb booking I wanted to stay in Amterdam, so I made a booking apply to a host but the reservation was rejected. So I did continue searching for more places to stay, but when I checked my banc account an amount of 500euros was missing. I was like WTF, because before making the first booking apply I saw written on the top of the image attached to this post, that no charge will be made to me till the host accept, so I was quite calm about this. I tried to contact my banc and they told me that if the process was rejected my money will get back to me as soon as the authorization center release it. But the fact is that Airbnb stole my money and now I have nothing to pay my food. Now I’m waiting that he money comes back, even if the money come back I just got robbed by Airbnb. Whatch out, those peole are liers!!!

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  1. Perhaps you should read the Terms of Service. The charges for the reservation are authorized at the time you send the request to the host. If the host declines or does not answer in 24 hours, the authorization is released and it is up to your bank or credit card company how long it takes to get the funds available to you again. This is all clearly stated on their web site, if you would read instead of being so quick to call names because you didn’t read something.

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