Stay Away from Airbnb. Avoid at all Costs.

I had to cancel and Airbnb agreed to return 50% of my money. I paid $496.68, and was refunded $149.31 (missing $100), minus their $56 fee that I paid (should have been $248 – $56 = $192). I’m still missing the difference ($100) and they won’t refund me, saying I received the whole refund.

This is a complete scam and they are protected by their own cancellation rules and policies. There are better ways to do business and it’s not with Airbnb. Case managers don’t have the decency to call you and discuss issues with you, only make conclusions based on their notes.

Three weeks have passed and there’s still no refund. I worked with eight case managers over the course of three weeks. It was nothing but a waste of time. I have their emails that clearly state my refund amount.

Now, they have decided to close my account based on their privacy policy and with no explanation. I never swore, or insulted or threatened anyone. The money is already in the host’s pocket. They knew they messed up and wanted to get rid of me. All hope is now lost for my remaining refund.

Airbnb is not professional at all and to be avoided at all costs, no matter if it’s cheaper. It’s not worth the stress and headaches because you will never win. Even if you report them, their policies protect them and you will just waste your time and hard-earned money. They are not there to make your plans easier but simply to protect their hosts and fees. Stay away from Airbnb.

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  1. If you rent an Airbnb and agree to a cancellation policy, you have to pay it! You are very lucky if the host decides to give you a full or parcial refund that is not what you agreed to!

    You are also not providing enough information of the breakdown of the charges that you paid for versus the ones that they are refunding exactly and their reasoning. At the moment, you have absolutely no case to say they are a scam.

  2. A host cancelled on me 2 weeks before my reservation. Airbnb refunded me the entire amount and gave me a $60 credit on my next rental. I know who the owner of this site is and he should be ashamed of himself for publishing so much misinformation, propaganda and complete fabrications.

  3. Try cancelling a hotel last minute, you will lose all your money! The stories on here are becoming more extreme in an attempt to tarnish Airbnb’s rep. Who are behind half of these stories…big corporates who have milked the public for years. I am sure there are genuine cases but scare mongering is an expression of something much darker and resentful than the truth of the majority of the success stories of both hosts and guest on the Airbnb platform. I laugh at the majority of “stories” on this site….give up!

  4. I don’t think we’re getting the entire story. There isn’t an issue at ABB pertaining to simple percentage deductions on website. Instead, i’d Like to know about the issue that merited the $100 deduction. Was it an arbitration/Resolution that was filed against you during the cancellation period? Did you already check in and have a problem? There is a giant hole in this scenario.

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