AirBnB refused to publish my negative review

We stayed in an AirBnB flat in Istanbul for a week in Nov 2014. The host, Ercan, was in-hospitable. He informed us we were not welcome, and that we were cramping his style.He gave us a key the to external door. It didn’t work. We were forced to depend on other building residents for entry. The host stole my digital camera & transportation pass. Flat was supposed to have wifi and internet access. It didn’t. Was supposed to be walking distance to Blue Mosque. It wasn’t. I sent a truthful but negative review to AirBnB. They refused to publish it because the host failed to send a corresponding review re his experience as our host. — On the other hand, we spend an additional 3 days at another Istanbul flat and the Hostess, her home, and other guests were wonderful.

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