Speak to Real People with Airbnb Customer Service?

There is zero information available about contacting Airbnb to get help from a live person. This has been apparent to me on the pages of Airbnb as I attempted to learn precisely how to list my home. I even attempted to create a listing but the process halted after the system could not “verify” two different phone numbers. The Help Center is worthless to a person with a problem that does not fit the pre-configured scenarios the geniuses at Airbnb can think up. Most tellingly, no “Contact” button/menu item is available so it is apparent Airbnb is nothing but an extension of the Borg. Only this limited interaction “feedback” with zero interactivity is offered.

Well guess what? The sheer arrogance and/or elitism of Airbnb personnel simply screams from the site. No, you can not think of all issues and place them in an endless series of dropdowns, and no, like hell am I going to play Simon Says guessing games to pass through the hoops Airbnb has provided. The industry is flooded with venture capital to build systems to smash smug assholes who operate Airbnb and my money and more importantly, time, will be spent elsewhere. So, why am I bothering writing this here? Just using it as a temporary pad to jot down my review of Airbnb before finding a spot to publish it.

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  1. Trying to get help from Airbnb resolving a change in the date of my reservation. The host has agreed to the new dates via email, but they don’t see where to accept the new date. So I am stuck. Will I have to pay all nights of the original dates which now don’t work for me? Ridiculous. Agreed: there is no customer service. My change is not going through, and I have no one to ask this question of. I’ agree with the person who originally posted: Airbnb needs someone to man the phones, at least sometimes!

  2. “I attempted to learn precisely how to list my home.” It’s remarkably easy, you know. Just think how many people have done it. You really have to take the blame for your own incompetence.

  3. I am hardly computer literate and I found the step by step guide to listing really easy. We are now Superhosts and earning good money hosting and entertaining mainly foreigners in our home in Knysna, South Africa.

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