Early Contact with Aggressive Airbnb Host

After great experiences with Airbnb 95% of the time, I had a truly horrible experience with a host today in Brisbane. I booked an apartment automatically – no contact with the host – so I then messaged them to confirm I would collect the key on Thursday afternoon and also ask what time we could leave on Sunday. There was no reply and I was flying up to Brisbane at lunchtime to stay with a friend. I wanted to have the details on the keys to print before I left – I called the number given and left a message. Then a man rang back on my phone. He did not introduce himself but was very rude about the fact that I called and shouted, saying “he would call in a few hours.” I asked why it was not possible to confirm the details on getting the keys now. He replied they would “get back to me when they felt like it.” Then he accused me of being “too wound up for their liking and I should cancel the booking.”

His tone was then very aggressive, very rude, and to be frank, scared me. Details of access are usually provided asap after the booking so I was not being unreasonable plus this man really frightened me especially as he now has my mobile number and has rung twice and hung up then rang again and yelled at me for having the nerve to message the site to say I felt I was put in a position where I had to cancel and I was advising Airbnb that another person was accessing the account and making rude phone calls. I therefore will have to pursue a formal complaint as it looks like this is the only way I will get my money back given their unreasonable behaviour and cancellation policy. Anyone thinking of booking in Brisbane: message me first and I will advise which apartment this is, so as to not give yourself the scare I had.

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  1. While I can see the point Video Workinggirl is trying to make, I would argue that I would knock on a stranger’s door and ask to stay at their house if they had a sign in the window advertising as such. These people are listing accommodations; they’re not being surprised by people who are demanding they let them stay there.

  2. I see the trolls are already positioning themselves under the bridges.

    That being said, anyone who books through AirBNB is a fool.

    If you would not walk down the street, knock on a door at random and ask to stay at a stronger’s house, why in the hell would you do it online?

  3. Check-in and checkout times are noted on listings. House Manual is usually available for key arrangement or instructions.

  4. Sorry about your experience, but I have a hard time believing that a hot told you they’d get back to you when they felt like it. You seen a bit aggressive and pushy.

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