Run Away from Airbnb to get Paid on Time

It’s peak football season in Russia. I provided my townhouse to Airbnb guests from China. It is in Sochi. I was also helping my guests from the beginning with some situations when they mailed their football badges to the wrong address. I helped them with taxi as well. It was a lot of work, but it was okay to me, because I wanted to see my guests happy. It was my first experience with Airbnb as well… and the last one.

I have hosted my house through other websites and I have always gotten paid. But Airbnb refused to do so. First, they called me and said they would be paying me within 24 hours after the guests checked in. Later that same evening, they called me and said, “No, we will not pay you until Monday,” which is 60 hours after check in and my guests check out on Monday at 12:00 PM. Since I read too many hosts complained about not getting paid at all, I said that that was not what I agreed to. I had no trust in that system.

My guests contacted the company and offered to pay me cash and to get money back from the company. Airbnb replied: “We will not give you money back. You should not pay her any money.” Airbnb also switched my banking details from “verified” to “not verified,” which was a total lie. My banking details were good and other sites have use them with no problems.

The bottom line is: hosts have to provide a free place for their guests, guests have a ruined vacation, and then Airbnb gets away with this scam, keeping my money. Unfortunately I have more people coming though Airbnb for the FIFA games, and I have to email my guests and tell them this story. I will have to cancel their future plans to stay at my house so I don’t deal with rude customers to survive; I do not provide free housing and will not deal with this scam. I feel bad that football fans will get a cancellation from me, but I have no choice. Run from this company and never deal with them.

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  1. I am a Host on AirBnB, and I had guests come in my home and I am still not paid by them. These guests came into my home, stayed and I never got paid!! It is a scam! They even sent a notification that I received payment! I never even received an email!! I have called them and spoke with customer service, and they have no answers. I tell them I want a supervisor because I want to be paid immediately, and they hang up on me. I am a law clerk and I am going to take them to Civil Litigation Court.

    If anyone wishes to join my law suit, feel free to message me and we can also warn the public and go to the media. My research shows that Airbnb have MANY law suits already on the go. What scam artists!!!

  2. Have been hosting with Airbnb for nearly 3 years now and I have never missed a payment from them, they pay into your account 5 business days after the guest pays in. You sound like a terrible host not to have checked out these terms and are willing to cancel peoples holidays…you will not be a loss that is for sure!

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