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Hello Internet! I was booking a trip to Korea with the girlfriend using AirBnB I decided to ask a few questions to the host to get a guage of who they are and to inquire about their properties which we were interested in staying in. One host “Jinju” ( was hosting a property “Eternal Sunshine @Gangnam” ( We asked the following: “Hello, my name is Royston. I am interested in staying here with my partner. However, I just wanted to ask a few questions first. On the description you mentioned there is portable WiFi for rent. How much is it to rent the portable WiFi for 5night stay? are we able to checkout late as our departing flight leaves at 3pm.. are we able to check out at 12pm? thank you, looking forward to your response” She replied with: “Hi, Royston Thank you for your interest in my studio. But you can’t book that days you want to stay. I am sorry about that. I hope you find good house for your trip. Thank you.” Straight after I got this email, I noticed that the EXACT DATES we wanted to stay at her property were blacked out (even when I logged out) All the months surrounding those dates were COMPLETELY OPEN! I personally find this response to be completely rude and unprofessional. I understand that AirBnB is a review based system, and that people can deny others at the drop of a hat. But in this instance, It is blatantly obvious that she lied and blacklisted the dates that we were after just to prevent us staying at her property.. Hopefully the host and many others like her learn how to be most honest, professional and diplomatic.

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