Ring Stolen by Host Leads to Customer Service Nightmare

I rented a condo in Panama City Beach, Florida in January 2017 to visit an old friend with terminal cancer. Upon arrival, everything was fine. When I returned home I realized a diamond ring that belonged to my late sister-in-law was missing. As you may imagine I was sick. I have never lost anything and that would be the worst thing to lose. I sent a message through Airbnb to the host, asked them to please look for it, and reminded them in what bedroom I stayed. Low and behold, they found it on January 31st 2017. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was. They asked for my address and for how much to insure the package, and I provided the information.

It is now March 14th and I still do not have the ring. I contacted Airbnb on February 10th after multiple attempts to communicate with the host to which they would no longer respond. Airbnb reviewed all the messages and opened a case. I have not been contacted by Airbnb once. I have called multiple times, been on hold for 30-45 minutes, spoken to someone who stated that my case has been assigned to someone and they would be contacting me, and to date there has been absolutely no contact. Every day I call Airbnb, hold for a long period of time, speak to someone and that is it. I have asked for a manager or supervisor each time and was always told they were busy. I have insisted that I speak with someone and have been hung up on three times now. I am not sure what to do. I have contacted the local police department, filed a report, and also reported Airbnb to the Better Business Bureau. It’s bad enough I lost the ring, but the worst part is lack of help from Airbnb. I will never use them again.

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  1. The host has your address and information through Airbnb. I also provided my address, insurance and how to ship, I even offered to drive down and pick it up as it’s a five hour drive. Then no further contact. They did steal it.

    Bill, you sound like a really nice and honest person!

  2. Still no contact from the host or Airbnb. I feel like the host DID steal the ring as they found the ring, told me they would send and STILL no contact to date. I have sent multiple messages to the host, if the host had of mailed the ring don’t you think they would respond and let me know especially after I told them I was filing a police report? They have it, won’t return it…they stole it.

  3. Agree with David, your post sounds so wrong…

    If i was the host and if I was to steal your ring why would I reply to you “I found it, how should I send it to you, what’s your address…how should I insure the package…?”..when I can just say “sorry cannot find it..” PERIOD!… and keep it for myself.

  4. Your heading is misleading. The host did not steal your ring. You lost your ring and the host was kind enough to organize it to be sent to you. Have you considered the mail may have been misplaced or a postal worker may have stolen it? Or post sometimes takes a long time. Exactly how is this Airbnbs issue. I’m sorry you lost your ring.

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