Not even a Response from Airbnb Customer Service

Don’t trust the information on the Airbnb website. I have had three good experiences with Airbnb in Australia so I thought I would use it for a recent overseas trip. Two of the four were terrible. The Dublin accommodation did not mention it was a very old building with no lift and the room was on the third floor; not even a mention of the unit being an apartment, just ‘self contained accommodation’. My travel partner was unable to use the stairs so we had to cancel. We cancelled before the cut off date for a 50% refund but the host refused to process the refund. We contacted Airbnb with absolutely no response.

The second experience was in Edinburgh. The room was uncomfortable and the host rarely spoke. When he did, he was very rude. We paid top dollar for this property as it was central, but we were very glad to get out of there. We contacted Airbnb and once again, there was no response. Absolutely no response to disputes and concerns is extremely poor customer service. I will never use Airbnb again. I would rather pay extra and feel confident in my choice of accommodation.

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  1. To anyone thinking of booking accommodation in the uk through airbnb (or similar): I have lived in the uk for decades. 99 percent of accommodation is dire. 99 percent of the people are nasty. Do not book anything in the uk except bonafide large hotels. I am not remotely surprised by the above post. Yes, I am being serious. And no, ireland may be a separate country, but making it so did not change the buildings or the people. Expect the same there. If you’re american, do not book anywhere in europe except large hotels. You won’t like anything else. If you can’t afford large hotels don’t come, or make a shorter trip for the same money. I’ve lived in america too. Even the dankest motel in america is better than 99 percent of ‘b and b’ accommodation in the uk. Don’t believe the hype, britain is horrid. Very very horrid.

  2. Check out Willie Guest sunday sitdown out Airbnb. Disgusting. So little focus n all the illegal activity of airbnb, and the s people who have lost their homes because of this iduos company. Is there a protest planned?

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