Respect your Neighbors: Take Your Business Elsewhere

We moved into our neighborhood two years ago. We have dogs that bark, who we have always worked with and who we continue to work with. We always stand up and stop their aggression.

Our neighbors, who have never talked to us, let us have it tonight because they want to run an Airbnb in our neighborhood. They have let us know that they will call the cops, even with intermittent barking (which we address each and every time) because our daily lives disturb their guests.

We will not abuse or give up our dogs. We feel that they choose to run a business in a neighborhood. Therefore it is not our responsibility as neighbors to accommodate their business. Full disclosure: We run an Airbnb in another local neighborhood. We tell our guests that our neighbors live here and they don’t. This is not a hotel district.

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  1. I love letting my dogs barking at the stranger rotation next door. Tells them to stay the f*ck back. I don’t let them bark at any other neighbor, or rather they are used to the everyone that is usually there and don’t bark at them. I say let your dogs bark and protect you and yours. Thats what dogs are for. If you don’t like it, move to the country-BYEEEEE

  2. Sadly, it just is not enough to stand up to stop their aggression because by then it has already happened. It is happening frequently it will causing an accumulating distress for neighbors. It always seem very hard for a dog owner to quite understand just how much distress this causes, which is probably because the owner is emotionally attached to their fury buddy But…honestly…you may have not quite got this tone. The fact they want to run and Airbnb next door is not that relevant and, if you recognise that a neighborhood is not a hotel district why do you still do it? Barking are dogs are real and genuine problem that destroys the amenity of a neighborhood – its a neighborhood not a dog park.

  3. I hate barking dogs and screaming kids and girls and gas powered leaf blowers and rap music.
    I would love to live in a cemetary but they do landscaping too much

  4. Your responsibility as a neighbor was to keep your noisy dogs quiet when you moved in 2 years ago. The fact that you admit it’s been going on that long shows that you are a self-centered entitled neighbor. If the neighbors of YOUR Airbnb had noisy dogs that ended up earning you bad reviews and providing refunds to fed-up guests, I know for certain you’d have a different opinion about it. Keep your dogs quiet. You obviously know it’s illegal and hopefully, a few citations from the city will curb your entitled attitude.

  5. Different perspective as a neighbour who lives near a large Airbnb and is currently taking the so-called “super host” to court. Keep records on the Airbnb property…. keep records of when these holiday-makers cause you nuisance and antisocial behaviour – or even need the police. Is she oversubscribing numbers to that advertised? What Reviews is this “Host” getting and keep details of whats been said as a “negative” — again it could be just the Host complaining but no actual evidence on the “Hosts” Airbnb page. Keep records of whether the dogs are ‘actually’ guarding you and your property by these holiday-makers who are ‘causing’ them to bark more than usual. Also check the title deeds of the Airbnb…. could be that there are some restrictions on them running an Airbnb property there…. Basically the Airbnb host is going to have a hard time causing you problems with the dogs, if you back it up with evidence of the nuisance and right to privacy ….. so don’t ignore which most do — keep your records ! Hence why we can now take our “Super host” with fantastic reviews ….. (yeah right) to Court.

  6. Wow. I cant believe what I just read. You are only living there two years and want them to cater to you.
    You have dogs that have been barking for two years (on and off) and you are “working with them”. I would not want to live next to you. If the guests are being disturbed, imagine your neighbors who have had to put up with it for 2 years. Guests are there for a limited time only.
    I will take a nice quiet AirBnb next to me any time before someone with barking dogs.
    I don’t even believe this post is real, its so incredible.

  7. People who have dogs that constantly bark are the worst kind of neighbors. We recently sold our home because of disrespectful entitled neighbors who don’t seem to know or care how disruptive it can be. We couldn’t sit on our deck and read because of our neighbors yappy dogs. Get a bark collar or give up you dogs no matter how you “continue to work with them”.

    Respect your neighbors indeed.

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