Reservation system not user friendly for newbies

I saw a house in Bellevue Wa area hosted by Kevin. Property was recently listed on the site, and I entered my dates, CC info, and provided a “story” that the site suggested to get accepted. I received a email from Airbnb stating it’s waiting host approval, then shortly afterwards a email from Kevin saying “looking forward to your arrival”. Assuming everything was a done deal I read the email on my mobile phone, and expected to be charged and planned the rest of the trip. I had left the page on my PC and this week I noted one of my dates were available. Confused I logged on to the Airbnb site and saw I was accepted, and to click on confirm. I never saw this from my mobile, and why they’d send SMS messages saying I’m good to go, but not to state I’m risking losing it. Kevin said “sorry, you can not book for that time”, and “Airbnb’s system is confusing”. I’m pissed off, but I’d be really torqued if I made it closer to the date wondering where my confirmation is. I’ll never use their system again, I should have gone with a hotel, and I will again.

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