1. My account is also disabled ‘for security reasons’ but it says it wants to send a code to my phone. I no longer use that number- I’m actually living in a different country now- so chose the email option. They asked me to send my email address and phone number. I did this explaining the number was no longer in use. I didn’t hear anything back. I repeated this 7 times until they finally sent me a new password to use. I logged in and it asks me the same thing as the original message, they will send the code to my phone!! Is there any way of contacting a human being at this company rather than just an automated messenger? I’ve been trying for 1 month now…

  2. Hi Primo,

    Finally after 4 attempts I received this email from Airbnb:

    Airbnb Customer Experience

    Max A. Toner, Dec 1, 17:38 CST:
    Hi, Thanks for reaching out.
    We regret to inform you that we’ll be unable to support your account moving forward, and have exercised our discretion under our Terms of Service to disable your account(s). This decision is irreversible and will affect any duplicated or future accounts.
    Please understand that we are not obligated to provide an explanation for the action taken against your account. Furthermore, we are not liable to you in any way with respect to disabling or canceling your account. Airbnb reserves the right to make the final determination with respect to such matters, and this decision will not be reversed.
    We’ll contact you if anything changes in the future, but until then, we won’t be able to assist you any further with your account issues. Please see our Help Center for further information: https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/432.

    Max A. Toner

    A great business model!

  3. im having this problem as well, and i sent 3emails to them yet to have any response from them.

    so frustrated and no one is replying back to us with this explanation!!!!!

  4. Hi,
    I have the same problem. I can not log into my account. I get this warning:
    Account Disabled
    To help protect your information, we’ve temporarily disabled your account. Please email us at account.inquiry@airbnb.com to continue.
    At this address: account.inquiry@airbnb.com, I wrote twice and report this problem, but I got no response. I try to log in on Crome and on Iphone app without success
    I have not done anything improper, so I do not understand why why my Account is Disabled and why AIRBNB do not reply to my complaint.
    Because of this I am unable to reserve any kind of place to sleep for a trip I have been planning for weeks.
    I found many of the same cases on the Internet when people were erased without explanation by Airbnb, and they do not get any response after complaint. The truth is that Airbnb totally ignores complaints.

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