I Removed my Property Before Airbnb Deactivated it

I’ve been hosting on Airbnb for six months and basically Airbnb makes me peanuts. The number of nights that they sell is too small, and too short; I could earn more even if I rented my apartment on a long-term basis. Using Airbnb actually reduced my earnings because I often get offers by agents for a two-week to one-month stay, but could not accept it because someone had booked for two nights, which blocks the duration of longer stays. This resulted in much lower earnings using Airbnb than without it.

The truth is Airbnb is a small player; they are a peanut earner. When I cancelled one booking (to make way for a long stay), I received warnings that I may be suspended for the cancellation. I got another offer for a 60-day stay, so I had to cancel another booking for two nights so I could accept the long stay.

That’s when I realized Airbnb is just a waste of time. I went ahead and delisted my property permanently from Airbnb. The funny thing is, three days later Airbnb informed me they suspended my listing because I made two cancellations. Then they told me how I should behave, what I should do with my property, etc. What a joke. Don’t they know I had already delisted my unit? Unless I’m making any real income, Airbnb is just wasting my time.

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  1. Great decision. That’s the problem (one of many) with Airbnb. Hosts cancel on you sometimes last minute because they got a better offer and don’t care one bit if the guest is left with much more expensive options. It also takes rooms off the traditional rental market, which is illegal in lots of cities.

  2. Yada yada yada
    What even is your complaint here? Are we expected to care that you’re deactivating your airbnb account? Bahbye!
    Plenty of airbnb hosts are making a motsa with their homes, you can’t compare apples to oranges, try selling apples next time.

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