Sex Offender becomes Airbnb Host – reads child guests “bed time stories”. Airbnb does nothing.


I am a landlord in Hamilton New Zealand who had a tenant that asked to run an AirBnB.  The property was 60 Mansel Avenue in Hillcrest, one of those I own.

My tenant, Albert (Al) Haggar, is an absolute liar and fraudster, as well as a  sex offender!

It is pretty clear he had read the information on the AirBnB website entitled “How should I talk to my landlord about hosting on Airbnb?” so I innocently gave verbal permission. He ran it for two years January 2018 until December 2019 with over 300 guests giving good reviews.

In August 2019 when I discovered you were not permitted to run a AirBnB if you were a registered Sex Offender and that he was a Sex Offender involving sex with children and violence against them – I told him to stop giving a 14-day notice which he promptly ignored.

I attempted to contact AirBnB to no avail. Worse – after speaking to the local Member of Parliament neither he or I could get in contact with Airbnb to stop this man. NO ONE in New Zealand including the Police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs or our Security Services could contact AirBnB to say this man was a sex offender.

It makes me shudder to think that one of the recommendations from a guest mentions him reading a bed-time story to her daughter

AirbBnB runs a criminally negligent business model that threatens any countries tourist industry by not stopping criminal sex offenders from running an AirBnB and he could still be out there as a “superhost’ the status he has from Airbnb.

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  1. You are disgusting. You are presuming that this person will commit a crime, when in your own words all of their reviews are positive. It sounds like this person is rehabilitated and you are spiteful ugly horrible person thats just mad that they exist and are looking for a way to put them in their place.

    Burn in hell you scum bag.

  2. Hi Guys – I did get in touch with the NZ Police and our security services via the Local member of Parliament – no one could contact AirBnB. I told the tenant to stop he did not. He stopped in December 2019 because he owed around $5000 in rent arrears and I was able to remove him from the premises on that basis. Believe me I tried everything to remove this person from this house. It is a disgrace more so because i understand if he is to be believed he has a house in Australia Sydney which he still runs remotely as AirBnB though Covid 19 might have put paid to that. Regards Steve

  3. If your laws are anything like ours in Canada, he is most likely on some kind of order that does not allow him to be in contact with children.

    If that is the case, going to police and allowing them to investigate would end in him being removed from the platform.

    Unfortunately Airbnb does not take “strangers” complaints very seriously, because they have no way of proving what you say is true. But if police get involved, then it’s a different story.

    All the best!

  4. How is it that you couldn’t get in touch with Airbnb? And, if he was your tenant, couldn’t you tell him he couldn’t host Airbnb guests? You’re not making sense, and what you’re saying isn’t Airbnb’s fault.

  5. What made him suddenly stop in December 2019 since you said he ignored your warning to stop. This is a very disturbing story.

  6. In a another case in New York City, Airbnb was notified that one of their host suffers from mental health issues.

    She is still on the platform and even listed another location for rent.

    Criminally negligent is an understatement!

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