1. You are being discriminated against for being a victim.

    Your ex should be banned.

    This is the idiocy of Airbnb.

    Please stop using Airbnb. They are not safe for you and your children.

  2. Airbnb isn’t your problem. Your ex is. Airbnb is a platform where people let out their homes. I wouldn’t want your ex hanging around my home, so yes, you’d probably have to leave here, too. You are a victim, but you’re making everyone else a victim too by not dealing with your own problem.

  3. I have also been banned after my ex assaulted me in an airbnb. It’s been a nightmare. I’m sorry to see that you are also going through this.

  4. Your perspective is that you personally did nothing wrong, but you are now banned from Airbnb and want to continue using Airbnb as a guests.

    Airbnb’s perspective is that your family (your ex) came to the listing you rented, was not authorized to be there, and had to be forcibly removed by police. They basically believe that having you stay in an Airbnb listing is a danger to Airbnb guests, Airbnb hosts and their property. I assume that you have to stay near your ex for legal reasons and the chances of this happening again is high.

    I’m sorry you ended up homeless, but I don’t think Airbnb’s decision was wrong at all. In fact if hosts knew about this incident, most would reject your reservation anyway.

  5. I sympathize with the OPs plight. But I agree with Airbnb on this one. The ex was not a registered guest and therefore was not authorized to be on the property. The fact that the police had to be called to the property did not help her case. Airbnb had a right to terminate the account. With that being said I recommend she look into what programs are available in her city or home town that can help her and your children secure permanent and affordable housing. Airbnb is not a safe or long-term option for families.

  6. What a strange story. If you only had one more day to go on your reservation then I dont understand why you even contacted AirBnb. You said the host was understanding so who contacted Airbnb and to say what?
    Also there are other websites besides Airbnb. Couch surfing, VRBO etc.
    And how can we look at your reviews if your account has been terminated.
    Sorry this makes no sense.

  7. May I ask how a 9 year old managed to travel full-time with you? Is there an accredited international home schooling program he/she is in?

    • That is not even part of the womans situation si why ask that question. She is likely homeschooling as many choose to do.

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