Playa del Carmen Airbnb Misrepresentation

My kids and I stayed in this unit for only one night and left early the next morning – less than 12 hours. We were in Playa del Carmen before heading to Cozumel to get married and then left immediately for our honeymoon.

Upon return to the country from our honeymoon, I attempted to write a review on both properties we stayed at, but apparently there is only a 14-day window to review properties. I had missed that window given I was on my honeymoon. It is imperative that future guests are aware of the status of this unit and that the host is notified that their advertising and preparation is inaccurate, inadequate and unsanitary.

Here are some of the issues. We arrived at the unit late at night to find that we were given an inaccurate entrance code on the security gate and the front door. We had to contact the host who showed up 30 minutes later to let us in and verified that he had provided the wrong code. We were let into the unit, dropped our bags, used the bathroom and discovered that there was no soap or toilet paper.

We are a family of seven and I had to go feed everybody after a full day of travel before returning to go to bed. I texted the host to let him know there was no shampoo, soap, or toilet paper and while we were at dinner, he dropped some off at the front door. We returned to the unit close to midnight and found the sheets on one of the beds was dirty, with hair and grime on a pillow.

We rented the unit because it could sleep all of us yet there was no bedding for the fifth bed. I gave up my bedding in order for my daughter to sleep on the pull out futon. Furthermore, the unit had not been cleaned much, if at all. There was a half drunk bottle of vodka sitting at the bar, the kitchen area was extremely poorly equipped and dirty, and the smell in the unit was terrible.

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  1. Airbnb is an excellent platform and the majority of properties are well cared for and represent great value. Always check the reviews before you book, I always book with a super host and have never been disappointed yet. Much like when I book a hotel I will check tripadvsor or google for reviews. Do you have a link for the property you were talking about?

  2. why would you expect shampoo, soap or toilet paper? you’re not booking a hotel and in my experience of booking many many self-catering properties, most self-catering accommodation you are required to provide these items yourself, and it’s a nice surprise if they are there already.

  3. Sorry this happened to you. I rented a unit in Lake Worth once with all the linen in all 4 bedrooms needing washing. Hell of a thing to have to do on your 1st night of holiday. Why do hosts think they can do this and get away with it. Its extremely nasty to sleep on unwashed sheets.

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