Paris Host Trying to Steal Security Deposit

My bad luck began when I found a really charming apartment in Paris on Airbnb and cancelled my hotel at Apparently my host was very sweet, but time and again proved to be greedy. She demanded money for everything including early check in, a crib, and even an extra sofa bed which was listed in the property details already. Anyway, I paid and stayed there. I left yesterday and she knew I was in Paris for few more hours after check out and didn’t contact me at all. Now she opened a request for damaged goods demanding 500 euros. And what she listed doesn’t even exist in her apartment. Now she says her maid took pictures which she hasn’t shared yet, but reading stories here I’m not very optimistic. Should I block my credit card already? I have another booking coming up with Airbnb in two days for which I have already paid in advance. I’m not sure what to do.

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  1. Agree with ‘Airbnb hater’ . A guest cancels the booking he is penalized. but what if a host cancels after 4 months-simple refund. as if in peak season the prices stay same and you can find an alternate accommodation just like that.
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  2. Hosts on AirBnb have gotten greedy and they get away with it because AirBnb prefers hosts to guests – they never take the guest’s side. EVER. You have to take pictures the day you leave of everything. If you don’t have any proof, Airbnb will just charge you. BLOCK YOUR CREDIT CARD and cancel your next reservation. Airbnb seems like a good idea, but it always ends up costing more. They don’t care at all about their customers.

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