On My Way to Arbitration After Airbnb Assault


I was an Airbnb host for several years. In December, I was assaulted by Airbnb guests from Canada overstaying at my rental home. I called 911, and police officers photographed my injuries at the station. My Airbnb account was closed, and the reservations were canceled.

The guest contacted me via text message about my account being closed before Airbnb sent me an email deactivating my account. I was coping with my husband’s loss and to be attacked inside of my own home was very difficult for me. Airbnb indicated that they would open a claim for my property damage loss. To this date, no such claim has been opened.

The sheriff’s investigator contacted Airbnb’s Law Enforcement Department, who refused her request for the guests’ identity. She indicated that she attempted to search for the guest’s name using department resources and did not get a return. She noted that the Airbnb guests used false information to make the booking.

Airbnb denied me the right to seek justice with my claim by refusing to provide the guests’ identity to law enforcement, who would have conducted a proper investigation. It seems Airbnb was afraid of an impartial third-party investigation. I am on my way to arbitration, and you will hear about this matter in the press very soon.

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  1. I genuinely hate this happened to you. This is a host’s worse nightmare.

    Unfortunately because “… She noted that the Airbnb guests used false information to make the booking…” you may never know who did this. However based upon the texts you may have a valid traceable phone number.

    If you decide to host again, you may wish to consider requiring guests to show you their IDs before check in.

    If you decide you would like to return to hosting, there are other platforms you can use

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