Evicted while Renting on Airbnb

My landlord sent me an eviction notice while my apartment was being rented on Airbnb but Airbnb provided zero support. I was in Africa at the time and could do nothing. It took me three days to get hold of an Airbnb representative who then said there was nothing they could do to help me. They could not even give me advice on how to proceed. They could not even recommend a lawyer. Nothing. Airbnb were very supportive in getting my apartment rented. They even sent a photographer to take photos of it for free. I really had no idea they were encouraging me to do something illegal and that it would cost me my home. Why would I do something illegal on a website that everyone can see? If I buy something from Amazon I don’t first check to see if it is illegal. I thought Airbnb was similarly a reputable company. But I was naive. Airbnb is pure evil.

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  1. Hahaha you shouldn’t have breached a contract, fool. Airbnb aren’t going to support you breaching a contract. Uhhh duuuh!

  2. Dude that isn’t thier fault. Its your for not reading your lease. It isn’t illegal its just just a lease violation. That said. You are a moron

  3. As a landlord I shake my head at your stupidity. When you sign a lease, you are signing a legally binding CONTRACT. I’m scared for you when you buy a car or a house as you will be the kind of person the sketch mortgage brokers love to prey upon. Good luck in life my naive friend!
    And as far as evil Airbnb…..yes, they are truly evil. They know damn well that 90% of the rentals listed are against leases. They don’t give a flying f— about you renters and if you get evicted, and they give even less than that for the property owners who are left holding the bag if something goes wrong in the house. Like fires, property destruction or break-ins with key copies that were made while the unsuspecting renter rents the unit out. Think none of the above happens??? Think again, because it happened to me and my tenants.

    • This must be sharebetter of SF head of staff…so obviously recognizable by what they are saying. LOL.

  4. Your landlord is absolutely correct. A stupid complaint really. Stop trying to be the victim. You messed up AND ruined someone’s holiday.

  5. Does your lease forbid subletting? If it does, then you are in the wrong, period. If you were my tenant and I had a “no subletting” clause in the lease, I would evict you as well. Airbnb is not responsible for your breaking rules, regulations or laws, that’s on you.

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