Airbnb Neighbor Rents Out Home for Large Parties

I live next door to a large modern home in Sherman Oaks, California. For months we’ve seen people coming and going, films being shot, and dogs barking all day and all night. However, New Year’s Eve made us realize this house is actually empty and is being rented out for large parties. New Year’s Eve was pure hell. Even at 3:00 AM the music was still pounding, women were screaming and giggling, beer bottles were being thrown, furniture was being toppled on the back porch, and there were firecrackers being set off. Over 300 people in one house. If it happens again the police will become involved. The owner has turned this place into a frat flophouse. She should be ashamed of herself. None of the neighbors are happy. Maybe Airbnb as a company should vet these owners a little more carefully. I will make this owners life miserable if it continues. There’s no way to contact Airbnb. I tried and all they keep doing is sending me rental listings in my neighborhood. I wouldn’t use Airbnb if my life depended on it. They are as much to blame as these absentee owners who are just in it to collect the rent.

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  1. agree with Rosie & Matthew- probably illegal to rent out house for parties; esp if anything illegal going on
    public drunkedness; ok grass almost legal; not ecstasy or coke or speed
    also probably against housing regs- you need police reports to support
    file complaints; there are rules for private residential houses & use; sounds like commercial not zoned

  2. It sounds like your neighbor is the real @$$#0!3. You should totally have called the cops if things got too rowdy. Then your neighbor would probably be more careful about who they let stay.

    Airbnb does have a neighbor complain thingy but Ive never had to use it. IDK what they do to hosts that get a bunch but you should have your other neighbors make a report too. Enough squeaky wheels will get them do do something hopefully.

    Even if this person does get banned from Airbnb, theres still vrbo and the other rental sites to worry about. It’s probably a mix of them.

  3. I’m here reading these stories because I hate AirBNB, but people who get mad about late night parties on New Years Eve? Ouch, that’s even worse.

  4. LOL you wasted your time trying to contact airbnb? What do you think they are going to do about it send the airbnb police to the rescue? Get real why wouldn’t you do the logical thing and call the police that your tax dollars pay for. There are also city inspectors, the fire department, 300 people in a residential home is grounds for even the fire department to shut it down. Not hard at all to put a stop to a nuisance neighbor like this if you make a little effort and call the proper agencies airbnb will do nothing to stop a nuisance host like this they don’t care about your complaints. They are getting paid

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