Next time I’ll book a hotel

In my experience, Airbnb is not at all better than a hotel. First of all airbnb gives you a price, and when you register to book the flat, suddenly the price increased 9 pounds, for no reason. We have booked a week in a “flat” cause we need temporary accommodation for a week. We just chose airbnb to have access to a kitchen. Well, here I am, in the house wearing a thick wool sweater an my jacket (I’d say it is around 16ºC), feet frozen, because the host only turns on the heating from 5pm to 10pm. The first day she told us that if we were cold we could switch on the gas “fireplace”. We used it for around 2 hours the first 2 days. The third day it was impossible to make it work, I guess somehow she has cut off the gas supply. (The flat is a kip adjacent to her house). And then, the kitchen…well I am pretty sure the oven has not been cleaned since the day it was bought. The glass is brown colour, I mean, it is all covered with grease, when I say all , I mean not a single spot in the glass that is clear (see the picture attached). The funny thing is that the price is the same than a hotel, but here first you need to be accepted by the host, which means in my case that I had to send a copy of my ID and a video of presentation or a link to my linkedin or my facebook account!!! WTF?? Plus we had to accept the rules of the house, that means that before leaving the place we’ll need to wash and clean everything. As soon as I am done with this rental, I will delete the account and never use them again.

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