New Year’s Cancellation: Three Red Flags

My family and I planned an overnight visit to NYC on Christmas Day in 2016. We found an Airbnb listing for an “Amazing & Modern” apartment in Times Square for our stay. The first red flag was that the payment was in One Vanilla prepaid cards. The second red flag was the security deposit: how does one get his security deposit back when the payment is a prepaid card? The final red flag was that we could not find the apartment when we did additional searches on Airbnb. We could not find any support on Airbnb so we opted to cancel the reservation as we did not want to be without a place to stay on Christmas Day in NYC. After a day or so, my wife sent a nice email staying that due to some concerns we would not be staying at the “Amazing & Modern” apartment. The response from the person we were in contact with via email wrote back to my wife: “Thanks for wasting my time.” My wife responded with an email that she wrote: “Ditto.” To which the response from the person we were dealing with was, and I quote: “I shit on your mother’s grave you faggot!!!!”

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  1. We are in Arkansas. Our listing was hacked/compromised December 12, 2016 with 3 different listings of the same “amazing & modern” apartment in NYC. Airbnb promptly disabled us. We call & email just about every day. Until our listing is up & functional again they will not pay the money they’ve received Into our account.

  2. thats funny because I host on airbnb and there are only a few methods for payout and those are wire transfers to a bank account. Im not even sure if they will write you a check. I didnt know you could post and book on air bnb and receive money out of the system, im pretty sure air bnb dont allow that.

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