New Airbnb Policy: Believe Hosts’ Lies

I booked an Airbnb recently that claimed to have air conditioning. I showed up to the place, and inside it’s hot, steamy, and muggy. I called the host to ask how to turn the air conditioning on. His reply to me was that it was broken and to crack a window. I told him I was going to contact Airbnb for a refund.

The agent explained to me she had to verify with the host what I was claiming was true. She called the host and called me back letting me know that the host does not turn the air conditioning on until summertime… all the while it is 80 degrees. I asked if Airbnb condones posting amenities that are not available. Turns out, according to this agent, they do.

She completely sided with the host. By that logic, any host can post whatever amenity they want then claim the amenity isn’t available during whatever season you’re booking their place and let you know after you have paid and arrived.

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  1. I know of a host that is a fraud and a liar. Why airbnb still lets them host i dont have a clue.
    They are a pair of cons who give people the impression of being a couple or even married probably because God onlu knows how expensive homes are here you would have to be a drug dealer to or lottery winner to buy a home here , which he is and there is legal proof of his record.

  2. I have used airbnb a lot in the past. Most hosts lie or withhold the truth. It can be about wifi, air conditioning, how many live there, amenities, photos etc. And guests also lie A LOT in the reviews. F ex had a superhost sexually assault me. They will call a hell hole paradise. I find airbnb to be a very shady business despite their angelic professions.

  3. It’s not that they side with hosts, it’s that they can’t give you a refund without verifying the issue exists, otherwise people would be calling in to get their money back all the time.

    Keep it in the message thread on Airbnb for documentation. Take videos or photis showing the thermometer and make it clear it’s inside the listing. Let them know you booked the listing specifically because that amenity was listed. You’ll get a refund for the nights not spent in the listing and 50% for the affected nights.

    A lot of issues are solved by knowing how Airbnb works.

  4. DON’T CALL HOSTS! Use the Air BnB message system. The host was obviously a liar since he gave you and AirBnB different stories. You always need documented proof for any and all claims with Airbnb. If you do use Air BnB, you might consider contacting the host prior to booking and ask if both heating and A/C will be available during the length of your stay (just comment that weather can be so unpredictable). I, also, now ask if the hot water is on 24 hours a day after having stayed in two places where it wasn’t!

    • What a terrible attitude! 80 degrees at a tropical location might not be exceptional for those living there, but it most definitely is if you don’t live in the tropics. Besides failure of the most basic hospitality towards paying guests, it’s a complete lie to claim any amenity esp basic like A/C if it’s not actually available. This issues is not a ‘guest mentality’ issue unless that means expecting the host not to lie about what amenities are available!

    • What ridiculous comment! The issue is not with whether an air conditioner is objectively needed, it’s the fact that the listing said they had it but they don’t have it in reality.

      By your logic, what other things should be accept? If the listing says “central location”, we should accept it if it’s actually in the suburb? if the listing says “private bathroom”, we should tolerate it even when there’s no bathroom at all?

      There’s having unreasonable demand, and there’s expecting things promised to deliver.

      • You are both absolutely right. I suspect Sue Ellen is an Airbnb host or works for the company because she’s so hostile to guests. I’ve written the site owner and I hope he addresses this issue.

    • Sue Ellen is a bot from AirBnB to make people feel bad after they already have a terrible experience using the site/company. Simply ignore it and it will go away!!!

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