Never Allow Friends to Set up your Airbnb Account

My friend set up our account with Airbnb. She made herself the host and me a point of contact. All payments were going to my Paypal account. She was supporting me to get my business up and running. She had absolutely never put any money into the business. I was financing it all on my own.

After a year, the business was not doing well and I found myself in a financial down slope. I told her I no longer needed her help and that we should part our separate ways. I asked her to surrender the account to me or delete the account altogether. I solicited help from another company that had experience in business to help me.

In the meantime, she changed the password on me so I couldn’t go into the account and changed the default payment so all payments would be forwarded to her corporate account; I would not be able to get any payments for guests staying in my house.

I called Airbnb multiple times and had my situation forwarded to a “case manager” that in the end just sent me emails saying how sorry they were but couldn’t do anything for me. I got an attorney involved and worked directly with my “friend” after she took my money. I had to gently remove guests from my house and block them from entering after they would arrive.

Finally she said she shut down the account. I had to file a police report on her, contact the Better Business Bureau about Airbnb, and had a restraining order so she can’t come near my home. I had each incoming guest call Airbnb so they would get a refund but what an inconvenience for everyone.

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  1. Airbnb will never help resolve problems. They are the worse company and the most badly run business I have ever dealt with. They are like the K-mart of renting

  2. How is this an Airbnb problem again? You allowed your “friend” to setup the account as the listing administrator. Airbnb clearly states that means your friend owns the account and owns all of the reviews for the listing, so if you were ever to assume that role, you would be required to create a new account for yourself and start over, which I assume is what you eventually did.

    The biggest problem here is that you didn’t find a way amicably resolve a transition from your friend to yourself. I assume you were paying your friend to manage the listing and you obviously still had future reservations so you would’ve owed your friend some commission on those reservations. It kinda sounds like you were just going to not pay your friend the commission earned. Then it sounds like your friend just decide to keep it all. You deserve each other.

  3. When will people realize the Better Business Bureau is not a government agency nor has any power? The BBB was caught in their own scandal extorting business’s by giving F ratings for not paying to be accredited. They picked the wrong business, Wolfgangpuck is the only reason a stop was put to it.

    I get angry when I see statements like “I had to call the Better Business B” on them” because they have no authority.

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