Losing $1000/day after Airbnb Cancelled our Reservations

Woke up with our 14 units on Airbnb completely cancelled and our reservations cancelled. Guests were angry at us. Turns out one of the previous guests had put a hidden camera into our smoke detector to spy on future guests. I filed a police report and we’re “currently working with Airbnb” to resolve the situation. They refuse to tell us how to get our account reactivated and are telling me to dismantle the smoke detector and somehow figure out myself who did it. As we do a lease-sublease model, we pay about $30,000 in rent per month. Now that everything is vacant, I estimate we are losing about $1000/day. Please stop supporting Airbnb and use other platforms. It’s not safe and people should just talk and vet the owners/tenants directly and save on the ridiculous booking fee.

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  1. Did you ever get your account reinstated? I’m dealing with the same thing. (Although not bc of a camera problem.) do they realize they are shuttering people’s businesses? I currently can’t feed my family because they closed my account with no notice, (a guest alerted me), deleted $15,000 in projected revenue and won’t respond to any efforts to find out why. This was my only business.

  2. So a guest premeditates, buys a camera, to install it on purpose in a smoke detector? You should be writing scenarios – for B movies that is:)

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