Last Resort Airbnb with no Air Conditioning


I am a active duty service member. My deployment was recently canceled which left me without a place to stay. I left my place due to last-minute orders and could not go back because it was no longer available. I booked a Airbnb closest to base with the intention to stay until I got paid and could sign a lease.

When I checked in, the temperature on the thermostat said 93 degrees. Since I had nowhere else to go I figured I could stick it out. That night I couldn’t sleep and had to go to work the next day. At 2:00 AM I couldn’t take it, got dressed, drove to work and slept in the parking lot. That morning I messaged the host who seemed surprised that I complained about the heat. I couldn’t risk another night like that so I left with no other means.

You would think that the military could have provided me assistance but they couldn’t so I was homeless until a coworker took me in. Airbnb has sided with the host who refuses to refund me. This was clearly false advertising since she knew that she didn’t have air conditioning available at the time of my check in and could have had the decency to tell me so I could cancel and find somewhere else to go.

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  1. you should have raised the issue right away.

    host clearly did not know about it until you mentioned it and had someone come to try and fix it.

    Guess what i’m a host and have a hot tub, it broke the other day. I sent a message to incoming guests that its out of order…. just to protect against people like you that claim FALSE advertising!

    Things break and perceived entitlement wont get you far

  2. It appears you were unable to stay one night, the first night of your booking, due to the air-conditioning not working.
    It would have been better if you had reported the problem as soon as you took occupation instead of waiting until the following day since you were relying on AC.
    However, you reported it the next morning and the host replied within a hour advising you the problem would be rectified at noon that day.
    It appears you did not go back the second night, nor did you check to confirm if the problem has been rectified.
    This was a mistake on your part as the host may not have known the AC was not working when you arrived but did attend to the problem immediately you made it known to her and apparently had it resolved immediately.
    You may have recourse for a refund for the first night under the local consumer law but not for the rest of your stay as the problem was apparently fixed.

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