Last Minute Cancellation at Chic Apartments in Miami

Don’t trust this person for booking your holiday weekend; they are unreliable and untrustworthy. Anyone who cancels a booking to accept another offer for more money because it is a holiday weekend should get treatment a million times worse than what they have just done to us.

I had been planning a trip from NY to Miami for Art Basel for months with my closest friends, working around everyone’s busy schedules and of course the expensive and difficult task of booking somewhere to stay on a holiday weekend. After careful planning, we thought we had selected the ideal Airbnb: the place looked decent, the price was good, and the location was perfect. Because we had already been confirmed, approved, and billed, of course we thought we were safe with our choice of accommodations and had nothing to worry about. We are now less than two weeks from the start of our trip, and our host sent us a pathetic message to us explaining that there was “some glitch in their booking system with another site so actually someone else booked the same listing already and they didn’t notice.” As a result, they would be cancelling our reservation. The host was so rude he even suggested that “it’s not really [his] fault so we can’t be mad at [him].” In other words, this is a holiday weekend in Miami and they found someone to pay more.

Now, we are completely out of any other halfway decent options and have nowhere to stay. Not a single option that is still available on Airbnb is even close in comparison, and we have been completely screwed by this host. The best part is that Airbnb has done absolutely nothing to help us remedy this problem, and offer no help or suggestions as to what we can do when we call. Their feedback is that they are sorry, but not sorry enough to actually help.

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  1. add my story as well in the list which is getting longer and longer everyday

    Host cancelled my booking done 5months in advance saying he does not taking booking through Airbnb. As it was the peak holiday season and invested heavily in other tickets, had no option but to find alternate booking which set me back by more than $1000 for a weeks stay.
    Hosts have created a trend to cancel in lure if higher money on peak season and #airdoesntcare

  2. It is apparent Kate Did is an employee or affiliate of AirBNB. If that is the case, it is particularly dishonest of AirBNB to hire an employee to perform “damage control” when they are so obviously in the wrong.

    AirBNB can easily prevent this by inserting a provision regarding listings on multiple sites. Again – eBay. They had a lot of these problems in their early days and if they handled customer relations like this, they would not exist now.

    If there were 2 or 3 of these stories, I’d be skeptical. But there are hundreds – guest and host. Kate – call in sick next week, book some interviews, and find an employer that treats its customers well. If they treat their customers this poorly, I can only imagine how they treat employees.

  3. Oh come on and grow up. There have been problems with the calendar system and instant booking so please dont talk badly about this host as he may not be responsible.

    But he is penalised and can’t re-book other guests but ABB can’t magically create new houses if there are none and this wasn’t done in purpose. Is it a shitty situation for you – of course but shit happens but don’t wine so pathetically about it. Its not like its everybody on Airbnb who cancels last minute nor is it the companys fault. In the future pls book a hotel Hannah!

    • ..dayuuumm chris, you write nothing but negative stuff on everyone’s messages. However, thanks to South Park, I know what a troll is 🙂

  4. A host can not cancel a reservation without being penalized. One of the penalties is a blocked calendar.
    If the host has the listing on other sites, there is nothing that Airbnb can do as far as preventing the host from booking with someone else.
    A Case Manager should have offered you rebooking assistance.

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