Ivan Vilches Quero – Liar, Cheater, and Hustler


On Monday, March 16, Ivan Vilches Quero and his wife came to my apartment in midtown Manhattan. He looked around at the space, over 500sq ft two blocks from Grand Central Station. Expensive location, renovated apartment, in an elevator building. They stuck around for 20m asking me questions about NYC, and the apartment. The cleaning crew had just left, and I needed some time to prepare fresh towels and clean sheets. He left their luggage, took my key, and said he would be back in half an hour. Less than an hour later, he writes to me on whatsapp. He doesn’t write to me on airbnb. He claims the apartment is dirty, that the windows are not clear, and he asks me to come back to the apartment. The next day Airbnb approves their cancellation. They refused to return my keys for 3 days and 2 nights, occupied my apartment, opened their luggage, left dirty dishes in my apartment, and slept in the bed. This man is a liar and cheater, HOSTS BEWARE of IVAN VILCHES QUERO of Seville, Spain

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  1. I had a woman named Michelle Lucien aka Michelle Mish or Mich tell me that if I did not give her $650 she would write a review that would ruin my reputation and my business. She wrote a really damaging review and I lost about 2 months of business, but then another guest corrected the part of her review that said my building had security concerns and the area was unsafe.

  2. The same happened to me and they even took the bath towels and refused to give tem back(stole them)
    Keep threatening me by whatssup
    I have called airbnb already
    Now iam waiting ….

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