airbnb has blocked our accounts

We are an apartments rental company with 5 buildings of apartments in property and management. We have several airbnb accounts (one for each building). The account details and bank details are the same for all the buildings. We reply to messages and change prices with the same computer located in our booking department. Unexpectedly, airbnb has blocked the accounts for “technical reasons”. Could help me explain what has happened? Thank you very much in advance.  Joaquim

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  1. Hi!
    I am a guest and Airbnb has unexpectedly blocked my account. I have used it several times during the last 3-4 years. I had good experiences, great reviews of the people I stayed with. I always payed on time and I am a quiet person. When I called Airbnb to ask them about it they said they will handle it. It was 4 months ago, I already called them 3 times. Somehow they also manage to block any new account I try to open..

  2. My lawyer said the powers that be are more apt to go after landlords with buildings with a lot of apartments in them because they are not zoned for short term rentals, none of our places are zoned for short term. However, he said they are more apt to go after the big fish then a little guys like me with less available space. Basically, the hotel industry does not want apartment owners using airbnb for short term rentals.

  3. My lawyer told me that instead of outing airbnb hosts to the powers that be they just cut them lose. Like if the city government demands to know the name of the people doing airbnb, they will cut you lose instead of outing you. Where I live Airbnb is illegal, so maybe that is why, but if that is the reason, I do not see why they can’t tell you.

  4. You were most likely blocked because you have multiple accounts.

    I was banned for the same reason and of course, when I inquired, I was told they need not give me any reason to ban me.

  5. We have had exactly the same issue, except we were no allowed to start at all. The account was locked out from the beginning.

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