Issue with Getting Refunds from Airbnb Japan

I am looking for advice. In January I booked three Airbnbs in Japan. Recently a new bill was issued by the government and a lot of Airbnbs got cancelled, including the three I booked. In this particular case I got a full refund from Airbnb and on top of that 100% of the refund in coupons. This was like a 200% refund which was awesome.

Here comes the problem. In March I changed my bank; I moved from TSB to RBS. Everything went smoothly and without any issues until the refunds were processed. Airbnb stated over the phone that their policy is to only refund the card that was used for the purchase and they can’t change that.

A month later (now) I still do not have any refund. I asked RBS; they say no transactions have happened according to the switch contract so they don’t know anything. I asked Airbnb who said the refund has been processed and there is no bounce back from the bank. They gave me a trace number to track the payment. I asked TSB, who said that they can’t see that transaction and they have no idea what a tracing number is. I asked Visa (the issuer of my card) and they said they cannot help me with this and I should contact TSB.

I have a bunch of tickets raised at Airbnb. I have a bunch of tickets raised at TSB. I have an investigation ongoing by the account SwitchService. I have an investigation ongoing by RBS. I am at a loss and have no idea how to proceed. If you have any ideas or suggestions please help.

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  1. Hi
    I have the same problem
    I am entitled to a refund that seems to be sitting in virtual space
    Airbnb said they put it in my closed Visa card ( I paid 10 months earlier and now have a new card) and bank cannot trace it! If u find a solution please post it

  2. If Airbnb really wanted to do a refund they could mail a check – but they would rather use any excuse to keep the money

  3. Changing cards and/or bank accounts to claim refunds is considered money-laundering. Send a letter to Santa maybe?

    • Kate, you should probably learn to read before you go spouting bs.
      They changed their bank in MARCH.
      Japan changed the laws in JUNE.
      So not exactly sure how them changing their bank 3 MONTHS BEFORE laws changed can be seen as “changing it to claim a refund”. But then, you’re clearly one of the little Airbnb drones running around to harass folks, so it probably does make sense in your messed-up head.

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