Irresponsible Host Causes Accident at Bali Villa

My family and I made plans to go to Bali and decided to book an Airbnb. We settled into this nice villa in Seminyak. We went there for a family getaway trip with my cousin’s family, just hoping to relax and enjoy the beauty of the villa and Bali. We arrived late at night around 10:00 PM, got settled, and was amazed how nice the villa was. It really was as described and how it looked in the pictures.

We went on a short trip shortly after to buy some food to eat in the villa. There were three other villas in the same area. To get to the villa where we were staying, you needed to walk for about 15 meters, and the path is paved with block paving. However, one of the blocks was not perfectly placed – part of it was bulging out. As it was late at night and there was minimal lighting to aid us, my brother tripped on it.

At first we thought that his thongs (flip flops) just broke. However, he said that he was in pain. Once I turned on my flashlight I started screaming. A lot of blood was pouring from his left foot. There were so much that I almost puked and had to look away. My family helped him right away and shouted for the villa’s security, asking if they had first aid kit. They didn’t.

However, security was nice and helped him to get into the car to be taken to nearest hospital. My brother ended up getting a tetanus injection and six stitches across his bottom toes. As a result, he was not able to walk properly nor could he enjoy the pool and beaches. Our holiday trip was really disturbed.

In addition to that, on the third day of our stay, the AC in the first room was broken, causing water leakage into the wardrobe. My cousin’s clothes were soaking wet. He had to buy new clothes afterwards as there were no more clean and dry clothes left.

What made us so unsatisfied with the place was that the owner did not take any responsibility for my brother’s incident. The fault was clearly on them as they were not able provide a safe place for us to walk. The paving block was easily fixed right away after my brother’s accident. They were just too lazy to do so, as they said that they needed to open it again. If that was the reason, they should have put a sign or plant around it so that people could avoid it.

We were not able to contact the owners right away as they were based overseas. We had to deal this matter through their employees, who said that the owner would not take any responsibility and that we should just claim it on our own insurance. We travelled domestic and our airline did not provide travel insurance. I also requested reimbursement through Airbnb but the hosts said that the accident happened outside the villa. It happened next to the villa’s parking space and on the entry way to the villa. We really did not enjoy our stay here. Thank you for reading.

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  1. I guess you are getting the message now my little sunflower. Stop playing the victim and take responsibility for your own actions.

  2. You’re in Bali, not the United States where you can sue someone for not shovelling their sidewalk if you fall. Most countries expect caution and common sense on behalf of the individual.

  3. Seriously. The guy tripped himself in the dark and you think you can blame it to the villa host / owner?
    So if I cut myself trying to peel an onion in that villa, I can blame that to my host too?

    • You guys probably should read more carefully. Peeling an onion is a thing that you do on your own but this guy tripped because the villa did not fixed the paving block that was bulging out. Hence, they did not provide a safe environment. So yeah in my opinion they should take responsibility of the accidents.

  4. John, you obviously work for Airbnb. Any business or personal residence is responsible for accidents on their property.

    • Also, if you can not look at your son injured, you are a bad mother, end of discussion. A diaper full of feces makes me sick too, but I get it together and get through changing it. The poster is self-centered jerk.

  5. omg omg omg, he tripped! That is just awful!!! how can someone allow their guests to trip?!!!!! This is outrageous!!!!

    But seriously now. grow up. Acting as if you never ever tripped… These things happen… Don’t be such a sissy. Some people are clumsy enough to kill themselves by tripping on a carpet. It is not a fault of the carpet, it is an accident. Demanding a compensation for that is moronic.

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