Interracial Discrimination From Airbnb Rampant?


After I was banned for life from Airbnb for absolutely no reason (booked twice, great reviews from my hosts, paid on time, went to book a third trip but was locked out), I went to try to contact them through Facebook and found a pattern: they are banning interracial couples for no reason.

They have us sign in through Facebook and most of us have photos with our partners. Then through a quick Google search I found out they’re being sued for discrimination at the moment. I ended up booking with HomeAway instead and highly recommend you do the same.

What do you guys think of this?

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  1. I booked a place said there were 2 guests. When I arrived with my male friend whose skin is much darker than mine, the host became a bit tense. Asked me why there are 2 people. Asked me why we had a car if we flew. I said he lives here and she than asked why if he lived in that town we were staying in an Airbnb.Totally not any of your business. He lives in the burbs and I like the city. Its what we do but thats not anyone business but ours. It was so incredibly uncomfortable. Shortly after, almost midnight, we discovered that she was watching us from her outside patio. Absolutely this is still happening in 2019. If you chose to believe it or not, thats on you.

  2. Your account was banned because of either your criminal record or for using Airbnb for the purposes of prostitution. That’s the only reason they do that.

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