Inaccurate Airbnb Listing Leads to Leaving Early


My disabled husband and I booked this accommodation being told it was an entire home; it was not – it was a tiny room at the rear of building. It was supposed to be less than a two-minute walk to the beach but it’s nowhere near the beach.

As this was completely unsuitable for my husband we had to leave immediately and get a taxi to take us around Barbados to find suitable accommodations. We had to book two separate hotels as it was the Christmas season and paid almost £2000 for our stay here.

Airbnb still lists this property as less than a two-minute walk to the beach and as an entire home. We are struggling to get a full refund even though I have all the evidence needed to prove it is an inaccurate listing. The host also did not turn up for us at the airport nor send someone for us nor inform us he wasn’t coming for us. When we got there the host started shouting at us when challenged regarding the distance to the beach.

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  1. Thats a major issue when using airbnb you dont find out the exact location of the reservation until they already have your money. It could end up being a nightmarish situation. A lot of the hosts have no refund policies so that you cant even get your money back. I have also experienced this on a few occasions, each time I was told the same thing you cant get your money back no matter how bad the reservation is.

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