How Can I Get My Money Back from Airbnb?

I booked an Airbnb house in Bournemouth for the nights of May 4th – 7th because I have a course to attend, linked to how I earn my living. I made this booking on December 4th, 2017 and the amount of just over £68 was taken out of my account by Airbnb on December 6th. On April 23rd, I was contacted by my host to make sure that all was still on the go for the dates I had booked only to be told that she had taken herself off Airbnb and informed them accordingly, assuming that Airbnb would contact me with this information.

Well, they didn’t. She hasn’t received the money either… so I want my money back. However, there is no way this can be done on the site itself: each link takes me back to a page I have previously visited. Therefore, in my book, Airbnb has stolen £68 from me. That is neither ethical or acceptable. I have just sent an email to the CEO of Airbnb, requesting that he please refund my money to me since I am not in a monetary position to ‘lose’ £68 and definitely not in one now to pay for another Airbnb on such short notice in a place like Bournemouth.

I cannot believe that this type of practice is allowed. Airbnb, where has that £68 gone to, if not to the host? It’s certainly not been returned to me. I look forward to their reply to my queries. Morever, I am waiting for anyone to tell me how I can get my money back.

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  1. I have had a similar experience. I made a mistake when I was booking, I booked the wrong dates and cancelled within 7 minutes explaining my error. The host was lovely and totally agreed to cancel the booking but said the money needed to come from Airbnb. I have heard nothing and cant find any contact details for them in the UK. They have taken £350 and I have no idea how to get it back! Any ideas?

  2. You emailed the CEO? It never ceases to amaze me how completely out of touch from reality people can be. That absolutely insane. Why wouldn’t you just call the customer service number on your receipt? Or google the number if that’s too difficult. Emailed the CEO of a 40 Billion dollar company over 69 GBP. Unreal.

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