How Can an Airbnb Host Control Mother Nature?

Being relatively new to hosting, I am very proud of my five-star rating. Then on my last guest for the year, everything went wrong. The guest texted me that the internet was down. With this being the day before Thanksgiving, a repairman was not happening. Neither the guest nor Airbnb could understand. I was told it was my responsibility that all amenities should work on check-in; therefore, I was breaking a policy.

I pleaded, “How can I control Mother Nature?”

I went to the newspapers and found proof of the storm. 3700 peoples’ electricity was still down smack in the middle of where my house was. In the meantime, the security system which also controls the furnace and door adjacent kept sending me messages that the thermostat was at 80 degrees, and multiple doors were open. I again asked Airbnb for support and there was nothing.

After I could get into the home for inspection, I found tremendous damage. The router had been unplugged and affected the security system so the outside security cameras were off. I found locked areas broken into and rummaged through: two broken door handles, a door that was sealed shut, broken open. I had cabinets zip-tied that were off limits. They removed all the ties and used all the dishes. My fresh painted walls were scuffed so much, I have to repaint. Canned goods gotten into that were locked up.

I call this vandalism. I cannot get Airbnb to help me with making the guest responsible for their actions. I came to find out the router was unplugged. These people were looking for a free ride. Perks were already handed out like one free night as a gift at a lowered rate.

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  1. Nobody is saying some of these stories aren’t true. As a host myself I got duped by a man who departed without paying for his rental car. I took the loss because of the very horror stories of trying to complain to the platform. But when a story does not make sense I will point it out.
    I have a long term guest at the moment who complained of low water pressure in the two sinks a few days ago. I rushed right over to check it and called the repair man right away.
    That’s what you do when you get a complaint. You don’t wait until they check out.


  2. There are scammers out there, without a doubt. And Airbnb don’t care. It’s a large faceless organisation with thousands of staff dealing with thousands of problems. And they have a broad cross-section of staff – some good, some not so.
    I suggest chocking it up to experience and moving on, on other platforms. It’s easy to say and I know how angry I feel when getting scammed and are frustrated with (other) booking sites.
    Review your guests so others know, and so guests that deserve a bad wrap, get one.

  3. Its possible it has to do with grammar. But I am a single parent and a host. I get much needed supplemental income from my little unit on my little island. So if you are going to scandalize a business that many benefit from, your story should be precise and make sense.
    I fear for my unit based on the horror stories I read on here. I also only use AirBnb when I travel and my fingers are crossed that I dont get scammed one day based on these stories.
    I am not only defending them as I know shit happens. But I stand by my comment. Why did they not go to the unit while the people were there?
    The story has holes in it.


      • But Jessica is asking why DIDN’T someone go into the accommodation before check-out? You had, after all, received reports from your security system that several things were not right. You therefore had the right of entry due to the security warnings behind you if the guest did not respond to your knocking at the door. I would have gone round and had a look and see at the router when they first complained. It would not be the first time a bad workman blames his tools.

        Why would you need a repairman for the router if you knew the power was out in its neighbourhood because of a storm?

        You say “in the meantime (viz whilst there is a power outrage), the security system which also controls the furnace and door adjacent kept sending me messages…” How is that possible? Does it have its own, independent power supply such as a generator or battery back-up?

  4. I totally agree with the Howard’s reply. After 5 years with 6 properties a 4.7 star rating and 250 reviews I got kicked of the platform on accusations from 1 guest in having cameras and unanouced entry. False accusations, but Airbnb doesn’t care. It’s all about avoiding negative publicity with a plan to go public.

    • Yes but the OP is telling a strange story. How can 3700 people be without electricity and those 2 units not? They didnt notice?
      And then getting messages from a security system which had to have been happening while the guests were there. Why no action until after they left? Why no contact to ask about the thermostat? Sorry but that story is confusing.

      • I’m of the opinion that anyone that goes online and defends corporations like Airbnb, Uber, Lyft, or any number of other soulless business boy scams that harm the very people who make it possible are nothing but shields for those companies. You probably spend your days sitting in a cubicle doing searches with the computer and responding to anything Anyone says about such corporations. It’s a known fact that these companies employ thousands to do this very thing. YouTube and the Google Monsters are Pros at spreading disinformation and divisiveness. Anyone who criticizes such Twisted corporations and their policies can usually be counted on to be honest otherwise there’s no reason to waste one’s time doing such things. It’s usually simply a person’s grammar or wording that might be confusing to some.

  5. Welcome to Airbnb. I was a host and was treated exactly the same way and then kicked off the platform after people came in and damaged my property on camera no less. They’re like uber and Lyft they don’t give a shit about the host or the driver or that your property gets destroyed eventually. All they care about is their profit margin if there is any. Uber loses billions yet somehow magically stay afloat because the bankers Want It That Way. Same with Airbnb it’s all meant to gut the travel industry and destroy the hotel industry.

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