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  1. Airbnb’s software sucks. Period. Totally agree with that, and they have accidentally banned people and messed up their accounts, etc. many times. Seriously, it’s’ terrible and it sucks that it messed up your travel plans.

    But, what does being one of Airbnb’s “oldest users” have anything to do with it? Let’s do the math. You can’t get an account until you’re 18, and Airbnb started a little more than 11 years ago, so, either you’re exaggerating about being with Airbnb “since it started”, or you’re at least 29 years old and you’re still a broke college student. And either way, if you’re a broke college student, you haven’t made Airbnb a ton of money that would make them kiss your entitled a$$ to keep you as a customer, have you?

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