Host Tries to Change Rates After Confirmation

We were first time Airbnbers wanting to spend Christmas in Switzerland. We found a property in St. Moritz, booked it, got confirmation back on the same day, and then booked flights. We sent a message to the host saying we were looking forward to the holiday. A couple of weeks later, I got an “accept new booking” request from the host. I did wonder what that was all about, so I read the email and realised that he was trying to get me to accept the change of booking to increase the price by 270%. I obviously declined this, but then received messages from him saying that this was not his fault and it was all Airbnb’s fault for accepting the booking. His justification was that he just wanted to make more money, then called me dishonest for not cancelling after he admitted that all he wanted was more cash.

After a brief exchange of messages, he asked me to cancel so that he could rebook at a higher price, even though most other accommodation in the area was a similar price to what he originally requested. To make matters worse, he cancelled yesterday and today I saw that he had reposted the flat and not as you might have thought at the extortionate rate he tried getting off me after booking, but at half that cost, and only a few hundred Euro more than we originally booked at. I didn’t think you could rebook a property if you cancelled the booking. I can’t get a hold of anyone in Airbnb. I know that I wouldn’t go there now but his actions were absolutely dishonest. I just wanted to warn people that this host is a bit untrustworthy and I would steer very clear of any “cozy and modern apartment in the center of St Moritz” in the future.

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  1. Exact same thing happened to us. Host accepted request and deposit then asked to more than double confirmed rate. A clear violation of Airbnb terms of service (7.1.2) I declined. My reservation was cancelled with no penalty leveled on host by Airbnb. The unit is still listed for the dates I was confirmed for.
    Avoid Top of Village Condos, Snowmass. CO. On site manager Marie Kastner.
    Bait and Switch.

  2. Something’s not right here: when a host cancels, dates are automatically blocked for further bookings and a cancellation message pops up in the review section. Your version ain’t holding here……

    • The poster is right and you are completely wrong Suzanne. The same thing happened to me in San Diego. After the House was confirmed the owner asked for an extra $100 per night. We contacted Airbnb and they said not to pay it and if the owner cancelled the reservation they would be unable to rebook the dates and would lose their “superhost” status. I just checked their site and the home is available for the exact same dates that we were cancelled and, guess whaT, they still have their “superhost” status. Airbnb should be Err-on the side of the owner. I will never use them again.

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