Host tried to rip us off. Two months later, no refund.

A friend and I booked a property for two nights in Salamanca, Spain. The price was 30 Euros a night. After we had stayed one night, the host told us that she had made a mistake on the listing and the price was per person per night. There was nothing wrong with the property; it was in a good location and clean. However, having spent two months traveling in Europe this summer, it was most certainly not a 60-euro room. We told the host that this was outside our budget and she told us we had to pay her 60 euros or leave. We checked out and found another property straight away. When I applied for a refund, the host rejected it, saying we had not left the property until 3:00 PM. I have messages through Airbnb to our new host at noon asking if we could come early, as we were on the street with our bags. Airbnb has never followed up. Two months late, and we still have no refund.

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  1. Before leaving the best would have been to get in touch with Airbnb

    If he made a mistake it’s his problem and there’s no reason you are left with paying or leaving as options. If he was honest he would have let you sleep there without asking anything and correct his listing. But what he did was clearly trying to extort you (and you might not be the only one!) best would be to report it to Airbnb right away but since you left and there’s no writing proof Airbnb won’t consider your request 🙁

    I would have told him it’s his mistake, the room is payed for the adertised price. No discussion.
    A host can’t ask you to leave unless you break a rule (but I would also feel very uncomfortable staying after fighting for the price)

  2. It is very disappointing that the host did this. This is why all communication between hosts and guests should be done through the AirBnb messaging system – so AirBnb can verify what has happened. It would have been best for you to make contact with AirBnb before you decided to check out early from your room – there isn’t a lot AirBnb can do if you choose to leave and they can’t verify your story

  3. Well, you decided to leave early so indeed, no refund. Asking for 30 euros is a bit pathetic. I assume your job title is ‘professional cheapskate’ 🙂

    • We decided to leave early, because our options were to pay an additional 60 Euros or leave. Why should I not ask for a refund for something I paid for and did not receive? I am traveling for a year and 30 Euro is 2 nights accommodation in Mexico where I am now. What is your job title Steve? “Condescending key board warrior, who enjoys being rude to people for no reason”

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