Host Took Over $2000 for Immediate Cancellation

An Airbnb host is stealing over $2000 from me (50% fee) and there has been no answer from Airbnb for days. A “dedicated case manager” is just a waste of time and a way to make time thinking you can “forget” or maybe settle for much less. This must be a scam in which both Airbnb doesn’t care (makes a profit too) and some hosts steal from customers (especially first time users like myself) on a regular basis.

I am a first time user coming from a difficult situation where a host had just canceled a rented property (still waiting for a refund on that too) and needed a house ASAP for seven people including seniors and children. I explained this to the host and he agreed that I needed more than two beds for seven people (his information said sleeps “up to 16”). He then claimed that because of the five minutes from when my transaction occurred between booking, texting, and canceling, as per his claim, he was free to charge me for a cancellation. That five minutes’ processing time is now going to cost me over $2000 right before Christmas. I’m filing a BBB complaint and I want to start a class action lawsuit against Airbnb after reading lots and lots of complaints.

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  1. Airbnb has trolls commenting on these threads trying to negate issues, blame guests, and scare people. I’ve never used Airbnb but you can bet your ass I never will! Shitty ass company from what I’m reading. Word of advice- you get what you pay for and it’s best to find a hotel. Start an individual lawsuit. A class action is also forming.

  2. I never understand why people stress that their reservation is for “seniors and children” … who cares what the ages are. Doesn’t make what you did any less ridiculous. Don’t use a site you don’t understand.

  3. This doesn’t make sense?
    So you booked and paid for 7 people and the host has then replied telling you there isn’t enough beds? Then that is up to them then to cancel if they’re unable to accommodate you. That is glaringly obvious whether you’re a newbie or not. Because a simple glance of the terms you have just agreed to not 5 minutes ago will clearly outline that you will be penalised for being the cancelling party.
    A phone call to airbnb should have followed with you saying hey airbnb, I’ve just booked and the host has lost some beds?

    Or did you not read the information in the listing?

    Which means CAROLE can rightfully keep your coin and rush to boast about it on the www as the highlight of her day. “Caught another one!!” She writes, as she gleefully sets her trap again.

    The host has remained definant and is standing by their cancellation policy for some reason. Not many would blatantly lie in their listing, then refuse to give you your money back. Except for probably CAROLE. I’m hedging a bet on your failing to properly read the listing, and the host is pegging you for it.

    Need full story….

  4. Wow so sorry to hear that Carole, I have just recently been unfairly treated by air bnb anf the host where the host mis-advertised the room and i left the reservation after a couple of hours of arriving, host did not give me a refund for a 7 day stay! Still trying to resolve the problem with air bnb (back and forth) the most horrendous customer service ive experienced.

  5. What a jerky insensitive response, Carole. Please file a class action. I’m onboard. Airbnb is horrible. Maybe when Carole gets a case of BEDBUGS as I did at HEIDI’s Granny Cottage in Daytona, she will be less calloused with her responses

  6. The moment you click the ‘pay’ button your reservation is confirmed and you agree with the host’s cancellation policy……So yes the host is simply following the procedure. THINK before you click:)
    I wish I had more ‘guests’ like you – tis easy and quick money hahaha

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