Host Pet Allergy Problem: Awful Airbnb Guests

I have had several problems with Airbnb in the past and I am a Superhost. This time was so crushing. I specifically stated I have a no pet policy because my oldest is extremely asthmatic to dogs and cats. I came home to find the guests brought a dog into my home and it defecated all over the house. It was disgusting. After 40 emails and pictures, Airbnb would not refund the carpet and house cleaning bill. Sadly, this is not the first time Airbnb has sided with a guest over a Superhost. I had a guest cancel on me at the last minute and I have a strict cancelation policy; Airbnb refunded the guest in full. Airbnb customer service is perhaps the worst I’ve encountered. You cannot actually speak to Trust and Safety and when you call the help desk they claim they have no way of getting a hold of the team. What is the point of a security deposit if a guest can break house rules and not be held accountable?

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  1. It’s particularly bad when there is no consideration for a child!! You may try putting in your listing that you promise a dander free accommodation. They would not be allowed to be seen as complicit in breaking a promise to your future guests and should help to recover fees for any treatments or cleaning needed in the house to bring it back to advertised standards. In your case I would also include this in the guest message thread and specifically point it out to incoming guests – this seems to back things up when the guest has been specifically notified. I certainly wish you better guests going forward!

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