Host Became Aggressive Asking for Personal Information

After booking a long stay costing over $2000, the host became quite aggressive and asked for pictures of me, my full name, and the address of where I lived. I find this completely inappropriate. Even if I knew the same about him, which I don’t, I still think this is inappropriate and invasive. Airbnb won’t respond to my concerns (can’t get through on phone, emails no good, and no place on the help forum for this type of concern) and I can’t cancel without losing half of the booking fee. I’m out of my mind as to what to do. Given the aggressive behavior I don’t want to stay with this host, but losing half the fee would be a big financial impact for me. I’m a bit afraid because the host already has my personal email address and some other details so I don’t want to post the listing.

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  1. Hosts talk quite a bit on different forums regarding whether to ask for personal ID or not.
    Personally I do not.
    Guests have to remember you are entering an accommodation contract with the host, to stay at their property, Their Rules. So, your Host (not Hotelier) can ask for photo ID for all people staying in their home/property, they also have the right to refuse entry if such documentation is not provided, or guest description is different from who was booked.
    These are Privately owned properties, so the owner has a right to feel safe.

    Just show the ID for goodness sake and move on…

  2. Tell the host you are not comfortable sharing this information amd that he/she has concerns, he/she should cancel the booking. Another reason why not to use airbnb.

  3. The host is totally intrusive and in no way is justified in asking for this unless it’s clearly stated prior to booking. These moronic hosts need to stop paying hotel (and that’s exactly what they’re doing when they open their door and take money).

  4. Aggressive?! Host is fully entitled to personal details of whomever he/she allows on the premises for a long-term rental.
    You are clearly an overly sensitive cheapskate guest:)

    • You are clearly a troll in the employ of Airbnb. The host is not entitled to know my race or where I live. Shame on you for taking money from Airbnb to harass people with complaints.

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