Fraudulent Airbnb Listing in DC with Different Address

I found a host on Airbnb. He advertised a large house for rent in Glover Park, Washington, D.C. He listed his address as a quiet, two-lane residential street off of Observatory Circle in northwest Washington, D.C.. My family and I were looking for a large house in that precise area for my niece’s graduation weekend from college. We paid over $3300 in advance. Afterward, I learned there is no such address, and that his house is actually located on Wisconsin Avenue, over a half mile away from where the house was supposedly located, and on a noisy and busy thoroughfare.

When questioned about it, the host immediately blamed Airbnb for the problem, and did not address my question of why Airbnb would give a phony address for a house unless the host had given it to Airbnb in the first place. Then without warning he just canceled our reservation, forcing us on short notice to find another place on a weekend that is nearly impossible given the onslaught of graduations. Steer clear of this liar and fraudster. Airbnb customer service utterly useless and indifferent – the phone always comes up as busy, and no one ever replies to the emails.

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    • Yeah, there are lots of those that go for $3300 for 3 nights. What a thoughtful post. I expect you are a friend of his

  1. Kagney, I used to live in the area. Of course Wisconsin Avenue is in Glover Park. That is not the problem. The problem is a phony address listed for the property. The phony address is on Calvert St., which is a half-mile away from the actual house, and on a quiet residential street rather than on the main drag. Airbnb would have no reason to list a phony address (no such house even exists at the Calvert St. “address”) unless the host gave a phony address in the first place, to lure the guest into thinking she’s getting something that she, in fact, isn’t. The hope on the part of the host obviously is just to collect the money, then provide the real address expecting that the guest won’t know the difference, then, if the guest should complain, figure the guest will just accept it rather than go through the hassle of cancelling and booking something else. The guy’s dodgy and specious explanations when asked about it gave him away. I don’t know what happened to you, but this guy is a FRAUD and a LIAR.

  2. Wisconsin Ave IS Glover Park and near the observatory. Sometimes airbnb is wrong. It has happened to me a couple times.

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