Horrible Airbnb Guests

My husband and I put our condo up on AirBNB and we VERY disappointed with the customer service. We had our place rents twice. The first couple were really friendly and left the apartment clean and as they found it. The second set of guys did not. Fair enough, we did put a large deposit to cover any problems – these students used our place to party even though we said no to parties. When we went to get the keys back there were 3 more guys there than what the booking stated. The left towels with stains in it on the bathroom floor like a hotel, put our wooden placemats in the sink and somehow chipped our floor!!! We contacted airbnb right away and received a notice saying it will take 48 hrs for them to respond – it has been ONE week and no one had contacted. Really disappointed. This has turned into a hassle more than a gain of extra cash!

I would never put my place up on airbnb nor would I use their service. This company has terrible customer service. We need to spread the word so people don’t get scammed into thinking its safe, trustworthy, and reliable. Horrible company.

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