Home Owner Hell: A Renter Lists our Property

Long story short: I own a home that my husband and I have spent a chunk of our lives fixing, remodeling and shifting from shack to chic. We rented it out and made a terrible mistake of doing so to a deadbeat who posted our home on Airbnb. Obviously that was our fault; however, when we contacted Airbnb to remove the listing, they refused. We are evicting the tenant and will have him forcibly removed in three days’ time. Unfortunately, for those unsuspecting Airbnb users and renters, our home will once again be ours and they will not have a place to reside over the holidays. Bummer! Terrible service. Their motto should be “Screwing landlords and customers alike.”

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  1. I am experiencing this same situation but on the other side.
    I am a guest who booked a full house for a long stay in airbnb, which then happened to be a sublet. The landlord explicitly prohibited to sublet the apartment to my host in their contract.
    After many discussions with the host, airbnb and even conversations with the landlord, tomorrow I am moving to a hotel. Airbnb has refunded only half the money of the days left.
    If I would have known I would be occupying the apartment illegally I would have never booked it. Guests assume all listings in airbnb are published by people who have the right to publish them. It is not the case tho, and airbnb does nothing about it. My host listing is still on offer on the website!

  2. I am experiencing the same thing as the person above. I spent years and a lot of money to perfect my home. I moved overseas and rented it out to a woman (deadbeat) who was running Air B&B out of my home. This is in direct violation of the contract she signed (the lease). She has abandoned the property leaving beds, bassinets, garbage, junk and food in the fridge/freezer. I have tried several times to contact Air B&B to simply get verification that my house was used as a rental space for Air B&B. No reply. I need verification as another means to move forward with the legal proceedings and proof that she was doing it, rather than just my neighbors telling me that she was. Frustrating that there is difficulty in getting a reply from this large company!

  3. So what if they listed it on Airbnb? They are renting the space and you get rent for the space any way. What exactly have they done other than let guests stay in the space they are paying you for? You trash talk them but there’s no substance to your post other than Airbnb wouldn’t help you take the listing down (which they shouldn’t because it’s within a renters rights to have guests). What if your renters have no other way of making ends meet? You sound horrible and greedy. Get a life.

    • Matt, if they couldn’t make ends meet, I don’t think they would have rented the house to the renter. The renter is a renter, they can’t do whatever they want to do to the house that they do NOT own. No substance to their post? LOL. I don’t know anybody that charges their guests to stay with them. Matt, please take a reality pill. Thank you.

    • The OP has every right to be angry. It’s one thing to own a place and rent it on Airbnb but it’s another entirely to be a renter doing the same thing. When a person rents a place they pay for the right to live there, not to use the place as a hotel (unless explicitly agreed upon).

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